How To Install Headrest Tablet Monitor MultiMedia?

There comes a new product which is a 9″ headrest tablet monitor multimedia, this headrest tablet monitor can be also with Android system now, it’s a multimedia system with many functions like DVD player, support 1080P movies, music playing support MP3, wma, wav, etc, IR, SD, USB, and digital TV. You can easily install this 9″ headrest tablet monitor by yourself or asking a professional mechanic to install it for you.

The 9″ headrest tablet monitor also has FM-TX function, which allows you transmit sound over strong FM frequency and you will get stereo sound for your playlist or movies from your car speakers wirelessly.

The built-in IR transmitter can quickly connect to IR headphones, and you can listen to music wirelessly, the IR headphone is optional which costs $15.

Unlike normal headrest monitors, the tablet headrest don’t need to replace your existing headrest, just connect it behind of the original headrest using special a bracket, so you can keep your original headrests but add more functions for entertainment.

Before installing this headrest tablet monitor, you should prepare all tools necessary firstly. It can also be connected with the in-dash car DVD player gps unit and play DVD, CD from in-dash car DVD gps units.

Installation guide

Device intallation accessories

Installation step:

1. Take down car seat headrest
2. Using screwdriver take apart accessories 1 as following picture:

3. Take apart the fixed apart of accessories 1 both sides and release the middle of four screws as following picture:

4. Pull sliding parts to both sides to suitalbe location(distance between headrest’s two iron pipes should consistent)as following picture:
5.Make accessories 1 fixed with headrest’s two iron pipes and tighten the middle of four screws(step 3 arrow show),as following picture:

6. Make the other iron in step 2(accessories 1) install on device back.use accessories 2 screws tighten,device back has 3 hole for user to select install.

7. Combining step 5 and step 6 and use screw tighten,as following picture:


Notes:If headrest iron pipe much small that make accessories 1 couldn’t fixed,please make accessories 3 or accessories 4 cross iron pipe then install accessories 1,as following pictures:


New version available for Suzuki Grand Vitara DVD GPS and Suzuki Jimny DVD player

In 2013 year, we have upgraded many of our products with new software and firmware, like the BMW nav dvd, Mercedes-Benz DVD, etc. The same thing now available for our suzuki grand vitara dvd and suzuki jimny dvd.

new version of suzuki jimny dvd player

The new version for both of them has much more powerful configuaration, 800MHZ CPU, 256MHZ Memory, latest window ce6.0 system, etc. So the new version of suzuki grand vitara dvd and suzuki jimny dvd run faster than the old version, and the program is more stable than before.

AMR11 platform,  800MHZ CPU, HD Digital screen
256MHZ memory, support MP5, 3D Maps
USB, SD support 1080P HD video

If you are interested in our new model for suzuki grand vitara dvd and suzuki jimny dvd, you can check more information on our website now.

The same as before, if you buy our dvd player with gps navigation system, we will send you IGO8 GPS maps for free as a gift together with a 2GB SD card.

BMW 5 Series E60 E61 M5 GPS navigation unit comes out now

As we all know, the BMW E60 is the BMW 5 Series which replacing the BMW E39 in 2003, and was replaced by BMW F10 in 2010. The E60 is now available as a 520i, 523i, 528i, 528xi, 530i, 535i, 535xi, 540i, 545i, 550i and a 535xi sports wagon! Why it’s so popular? Mabye because of its excellent stereo, comfortable seats, and the driving position near perfect, but there’s not navigation system built-in?

We have good news for you, if you are considering to purchase an after market head unit with navigation system, our BMW E60 navigation unit should be your best choice. It has many features built-in, like bluetooth, GPS navigation system, USB, iPod connection, AUX, etc. While you don’t need to remove the factory radio, just install this bmw e60 navigation system in the position where your factory 6.5inch screen or 8.8inch screen is.

Now let’s take a look at this head unit for BMW E60. 8″ High Definition digital TFT,Resolution:800*480, Keep original car CD and Radio Function, Keep the car power amplifier, and the sound quality will have not any damage, Add USB/SD player and IPOD play Funtion, Support  steering wheel control, support touch screen operation.

The bmw e60 gps navigation also comes with high configuaration, 800MHZ CPU, 256MB RAM, the latest Windows ce6.0 system, support 1080P movie. It has multiple languages optional, English/Russian/Spanish/French/German/Greek/Norwegian/Italian/Indonesian/Turkish/Lithuanian/Latvian etc. If you buy from, not only you can get factory-direct prices but also excellent service all the time. Besides, we can send you 2GB SD card with GPS maps for free as a gift to you.

New User Manual for BMW DVD Navigation on

Some customers would like to go over the user manual for our BMW DVD navigation units before placing an order, here is the link to download it with a PDF file: user manual for BMW DVD 

It’s a universal for all our BMW navigation head units which update in 2013 including BMW E46 DVD, BMW X5 E53 DVD, BMW E90 DVD, BMW E39 DVD and other BMW DVD models, so there may be a little difference for different models, but most of the content are the same.  By the way, there’s also a user manual book included in the package. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BMW DVD navigation user manual

Which mounting bracket is suitable for my car?

If you are intersted in a gps rear view mirror, and want to replace the factory rear view mirror with the new one, the first thing you need to consider about is which mounting bracket is suitable for your car. There are many brackets available now in the market, you can check them as below.  For customers who are going to purchase our gps rear view mirror item#043C, or 050A, you can find a suitable mount for your car firstly.

Mounting brackets available for the gps rear view mirror.

No.1 mounting bracket

Universal No.1 bracket:
Toyota -  Camry/Reiz/Corolla/Previa/ Crown/Rav4/Prado
Ford – Mondeo/ Focus/ S-Max/ Cadillac 08 09 Escalade CTS 08 09
Mazda – Mazda 3, Mazda 5, Mazda 6
Chevrolet Cruze
Buick – Regal, Park Avenue, La Crosse
Nissan – Bluebird, Sylphy, Livina, March, X-Trail, Teana, Qashqai
Mitsubish – Lancer, Outlander, Pajero, Lancer EX
Hyundai – IX35, IX30
Actually, the No.1 bracket can fit any cars, because it can be stuck on the windshield by UV adhesive.

no.2 mounting bracket

No.2 Bracket:
Subaru: Forester, Legacy, Impreza, Outback
Honda: Accord, Civic, Odyssey 05, City 08, Fit, CRV, Spirior

no.3 mounting bracket

No.3 Bracket:
Volkswagen: Passat, Bora 09, Jetta, Skoda, Santana, Tiguan, Touran, Phaeton, Magota, Golf, Polo, Lavida
Audi: A4, A8, A6, A3
Skoda: Superb, Fabia, Octavia, Fabis

no.4 mounting bracket

No.4 Bracket:
GM: Excelle, Chevrolet Spark, Lova

no.6 mounting bracket

No.6 Bracket:
Chevrolet:  Epica, New Sail
Ford: Fiesta

no.7 mounting bracket

No.7 Bracket:
Hyundai: Sonata, Elantra, Tucson, I30
MG: MG6, MG7
Kia: Cerato, Forte, Rio, Sportage, Soul

no.8 mounting bracket

No.8 Bracket: Honda City

no.12 mounting bracket

No.12 Bracket: Citroen, Peugeot

no.14 mounting bracket

No.14 Bracket:
Most of Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Buick, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda

no.15 mounting bracket

No.15 Bracket: Fait, EXT, Mercedes Benz E560

Please note that we did not list all suitable cars, there may some other cars which may not listed here, you can check your car’s bracket then check these pictures and see which is the same as yours, in case you can not find yours here, you can also use our universal No.1 bracket which can be stuck on the windshield by UV adhesive. If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us here.

GPS Rear View Mirror – How To Install?

The gps rear view mirror is available in the market for a long time. That will be cool if you have an aftermarket gps rearview mirror in the car, some people don’t know if the gps mirror can fit their car or not and don’t know how to install the rear view mirror gps in their vehicles, so we write this document with some details about installation and use for the gps rear view mirror.

At beginning you need to decide which kind of gps mirror do you want, there are 2 different types of gps rearview mirror, one is with a specific mounting bracket included together with the gps mirror device, the other model is not with a bracket because it’s clipped on your existing mirror for installation, if you don’t like to remove your original mirror, then the clipped-on model should be your best choice. Now let’s take a look at how to install a clip on model of gps rear view mirror. Let’s take this item for example, it’s one of the best seller in the market.

Firstly you need to fix the new mirror on the old rear view mirror, please note that the height of the original rear view mirror should between 60mm and 80mm, the room between the top of the rear view mirror and the top of the roof must be more than 10mm. If everything is ready, how to install it now?

install of gps rear view mirror

Put the activity claw to fix on the top of the rearview mirror, and then pull down the console, so that a fixed claw stuck in the rearview mirror along. Then you can connect the power line with your car. There are a wired power cable 12V included in the package, the black wire should be connected to GND of car power, the red wire should be connected to DC 12V of car power, and the green wire should be connected to DC12V of car reversing power.

There are 3 RCA cables too.
Yellow RCA: Video input, connect to the reversed camera video line
White RCA: Audio-left output, connected to car speaker
Red RCA: Audio-right-output, connected to car speaker

After all connections, you can hide the power cable in the car so it’s invisble and looks great. By the way, there’s another power source, if you think it’s difficult to install the power cable, you can also use the cigarette lighter for power.

If you want the gps rear view mirorr automatically turn on once you start the car engine, just leave the on/off switch on, then the gps device can automatically work after you start the engine, and the bluetooth can also be set to automatically connect with your cell phone.

If you need a mounting bracket to fit the gps rearview mirror, you can tell the seller with your car info including car model and manufacture year, if possible, including a clear picture from the original rear view mirror would be the best. Then they can tell you which mounting bracket is suitable for your car, if you get the specific bracket for your car you can remove your existing mirror and mounting bracket and then put the new mounting bracket and mirror back to the position.

How to install Toyota Corolla DVD GPS unit?

If you are interest to buy a after market toyota corolla dvd player with gps navigation system built-in, or already have the head unit but don’t know how to install it, here are some step by step instructions for your reference.

P.S. We highly suggest you install it by asking a professional mechanic, in case there’s any problems for incorrect operation, we’re not responsible for that.
Here is the original CD player and radio in the dash:
1. fistly, disassemble the right/left bottom trip strip
2. disassemble the left/right top trip strip near the factory corolla head unit
3. the below picture shows the effect aftering doing the above steps
4. take out the air outlet from the air conditioner, pay attention to the power plug behind it
5. unplug the power plug from the air outlet, then remove the air outlet
6. remove these 2 screws as marked
7. take out the display panel, pay attention to the back power cable
8. remove the 4 screws which is used to fix the original toyota corolla stereo, 2 at left and 2 at right
9. take out the air-conditioner control panel, there’s also a power cable at back
10. unplug the power cable and then take the a/c control panel out
11. pull the original toyota corolla radio head unit out.
12. unplug the original corolla radio cable and power cable
13. take out the original bracket which is used to fix the toyota corolla stereo
14. plug our power cable with the original power cable from the back of the corolla radio
15. plug the power cable from the other end with our toyota corolla dvd player, and connect radio cable, GPS antenna
16. here’s the efferct after connection of necessary cables for this toyota corolla dvd navigation unit.
17. then push the after market toyota corolla dvd gps navigation into the dashboard
18. fix screws and trip strips, that’s all, here is the after installation picture for 2 din toyota corolla dvdplayer with gps navigation.