4.3" Rear View Mirror Monitor Bluetooth Back Up LCD Screen


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Product Description

4.3" Car Rear View Mirror Monitor Bluetooth Back Up LCD Screen With Bracket Optional

This 4.3 rear view mirror monitor has bluetooth handsfree function, 4.3 inch digital screen, can connect with rear view camra for back up. You need to remove the original mirror in the car to install this item with a bracket which can fit for many cars, if you don't need to remove your factory mirror, we have the same clip-on model too.  You can write down the model you want in the comment box when placing an order online.

Main Features of 4.3" Car Rear View Mirror Monitor:

1. Sharp digital high-definition TFT-LCD display, play DVD / VCD or Rear view camera images clearer, more vivid, colorful glory
2. Built-in Bluetooth: With Bluetooth hands-free, caller number display, manual answering mode, to ensure traffic call things correct
3. Special optical lens can replace the original car rearview mirror, Rear view camera when the sun strong anti-vertigo, so that a clearer rear view, reversing a more secure
4. Reversing automatic wake-up Rear view camera system functions, traffic automatically resume audio and video entertainment player, so that traffic safety merger of entertainment and parking, to driving fun and safety integration
5. Light touch approach control, touch-sensitive technology, quick operation, nice appearance
6. Can be connected to VCD / DVD / GPS / TV and other video output signal compatibility
7. Limousine special metallic stent, pure installing electronic products, consistent with the original car
8. Complete car sound special support, covering all the mainstream models


1. Show foot size: 4.3 inches. Best for the safe use of Rear view
2. Displays: TFT-LCD. Sharp digital high-definition screen, make the image clearer, more vivid colors
3. Resolution: 480 (H) × RGB × 272 (V). HD resolution
4. Display format: 16:9 or 4:3. Entertainment and dual rear view display format
5. Power: ≤ 2W. Ultra-low power consumption, to ensure products have no fever
6. Rated Voltage: DC 12V. The original vehicle standard voltage
7. Video Input: AV1/AV2. Èr video input, AV1 then VCD / DVD video output signal (system default), AV2 connection reversing camera (reversing automatically switch to)
8. Signal format: PAL / NRSC / AUTO. Compatible with all signal formats
9. Brightness: 250 CD / ㎡. HD brightness
10. Contrast: 300:1. A clear contrast

Reverse use features:
1. Power situation: driving process automatically when reversing from the video AV1 (VCD / DVD) playback screen switches to AV2 (Rear View Camera) screen will automatically return after reversing cut to video AV1 (VCD / DVD) Play screen, so traffic and parking safety compatible recreation
2. Shutdown situations: automatic start reversing parking detected AV2 (Rear view camera) after the signal and displays the AV2 as the screen, automatic shutdown after backup to make our products more energy

* Optional rear view camera: visual reversing function to achieve
* Use 4.3-inch high brightness LCD screen, the whole size of the original car rearview mirror rather, special type of professional installation needs to meet to maintain original style, now with the installation of 30 vehicle models accessories:
Dedicated rear-view mirror mounting brackets correspond to the table

- 01: Toyota Camry, overbearing, PREVIA, Crown, Reiz, Corolla, the new Vios, Buick Regal, GL8, Lu Zunfu Temengdiou, Fox FAW M6 New Odyssey
- 02: Honda Accord, wide of the Fit, 05 Odyssey, East the Civic, Mitsubishi Galant, Chery A5, 08 new models Sidi Luxury Fit
- 03: Volkswagen Passat, Bora, lead Yu, speed Teng, Audi, Jetta, Santana, polo, Skoda, China Jun Jie, Grandeur
- 04: General Excelle, Spark, musical styles
- 05: Nissan Landmark Plaza, Tiida, Teana, east of the CRV, Changan Mazda 2, day two hand language
- 06: Chevrolet Epica, Chery Eastar, Chery A1, Chery Q6
- 07: Hyundai Sonata, Accent, Tucson Yilanteya Buick LaCrosse
- 08: wide of the Sidi
- 9: Southeast Soveran, Lancer
- 10: etc