Parking Sensors

The parking sensor notifies the driver of the distance and the position of obstacles by means of an acoustic beep and visual display, to make reverse manoeuvres safer. The parking sensors system will work automatically, when the reverse gear is engaged. The parking sensors work on cutting-edge ultrasonic detection technology and have been specially designed to blend in perfectly with your vehicle bumper. With parking sensors you can reverse your car easily.

The car reversing sensor turns on automatically when you start backing up your vehicle. Ultrasonic scanning technology is a great feature that comes with back up sensors. Automatic reminders for obstruction while reversing alert you in the process. Backup sensors work well with reverse back up cameras as the sensors give you an audible and computerized alert while you are viewing the rear side of you vehicle. Welcome to contact us for further information about parking sensor systems.

The parking sensors system will come on and by simply standing or walking behind the vehicle at various distance, you should note the indication of your distance from the sensors and your position(right, left).