Backup Parking Sensor Blue LCD Display 4 Sensors


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Product Description

Backup Parking Sensor Blue LCD Display 4 Sensors

Backup Parking Sensor Key Features:
Automatic activation when the reverse gears chosen

Car icon and digit showing in LCD display to indicate different distance and orientation of the obstacle.

Integrated beeper for immediate alert and 3 stages warning by different beeping frequency

LCD display can be circumrotated by 360 for optimal view of User

Backup Parking Sensor Voice alert / Beep alert / mute mode, System On / system off, different mode is selectable

Precise detection up to 0.01m

All weather design (-40 to +80 degrees Celsius)

Suitable for 2/4/6/8 sensors, 6 or 8 sensors system, complete front and rear protection

3 Installation choices: dashboard / windscreen / A / C vent

Wireless module is optional for this model of Backup Parking Sensor

Backup Parking Sensor Tech Specifications:

²         Operating voltage: 10.8-15V

²         Supply voltage: plus 12V more or less than 12V (DC),24V is available

²         Power: 2W (max)

²         Showing the distance range: 0.3 ~2m

²         Alert range: 0 ~1.5m

²         Ambient temperature: -40°C~ +80°C

²         Buzzer volume: ≈80db 

²         2, 4, 6, 8 sensors are available to satisfy full needs of customers