Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Handsfree with Parking Sensors LED Lights


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Product Description

Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Handsfree with Parking Sensors LED Lights

Blue  tooth 2.0+EDR, compatible with ALL blue  tooth enabled mobile phones
Caller ID indicate with large LED lights,support english name display
Voice dial and last number redial
Noise suppression and echo cancelation technology
AVRCP profile integrated, control the audio playback when used with Blue  tooth USB dongle
Built-in microphone and built-in dual stereo louderspeaker
Built-in FM frequency transmitter connect to your car stereo
Universal audio input for audio devices, such as iPods, MP3 to enjoy wireless stereo listening
Stereo earphone provided for total private conversation.
FM earpiece is available,it provided for total private conversation
Built-in battery is available
Wireless parking sensor system is available
Easy installation, the mirror simply clips over the top of your existing mirror
Phone book for max.200 address list.
Select last 10 calls dial-back from Bluetooth mirror

Wireless Parking Sensor is available,
The system will be on parking sensor state automatically while you put your car in reverse gear. Handsfree function is going on on this state.
whereas if you do not parking sensors, please go to this link to have a look: Bluetooth Mirror    

Bluetooth Car Mirror Handsfree Rearview Mirror with Parking Sensors LED Lights
Effective distance between mirror and phone : 8 meters
FM transmitter distance : 8 meters
Wireless earphone receive distance : 1.5 meters
Power Consumption (Max volume,during conversation) : 5W
Audio distortion (1KHz/1000mv input) : 0.3%
Audio channel separation(1KHz) : 45dB
Audio S/N(1KHz/1000mv input) : 50dB
Speaker output power (1KHZ/1000mv input,max,volume) : 0.5W
Headphone output level (1KHz/1000mv input,32 OHM loading) : 0.8V
Mirror size (L x H) : 285 x 90 x 24 mm
Blue  tooth 2.0+EDR, with both Headset and Handsfree profile. The ALL-One Blue  tooth Mirror provides an array of display features
(1) Call out, call answer, call reject, call hang up.
(2) Caller ID indication, Telephone number of caller is displayed on the mirror
(3) Support voice dial.
(4) Last number redial.
(5) Audio transfer.
(6) Phone book for max.200 address list.
(7)Select last 10 calls dial-back from Bluetooth mirror
Stereo earphone is provided (FM wireless earpiece is optional)
For those calls that you'd rather keep to yourself. For total privacy a earphone is provided. Simply place into your ear to ensure your passengers aren't able to over hear your conversation.
Maximum Sound Quality
Not only will minimizes all road noise to ensure high quality communication, it also blocks out echo and radio signal interference. To maximize this even further, you can easily connect the sound it to your car stereo through a built in FM frequency transmitter.