Car Rear View Mirror with 4.3 Inch LCD Monitor RearView Camera Optional


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Product Description

Car Rear View Mirror with 4.3 Inch LCD Monitor RearView Camera Optional

This car rear view mirror LCD monitor is the one with bluetooth, back up camera optional, if you need, we can also provide.  For back up camera, if you need just choose the option before add to cart, for bluetooth model, here it is:

Car Rear View Mirror LCD Monitor Features:

1.TFT-LCD display Play DVD / VCD
2. Special optical glare lens to replace the original car rearview mirror
3. Reversing automatic wake-up (or switch to) after the visual system to ensure safe reversing
4. Touch button control
5. Can be connected to VCD / DVD / TV / GPS and other video output device
6. Net installed products, simple installation and removal easy

Reversing from the power switch:
1. Boot case, reversing automatically from the video DVD / VC screen switch to the camera screen, reversing is completed, automatically cut back to video DVD / VCD screen.
2. Shutdown case, the reversing camera automatically start to detect the signal and displays the rear screen, reversing after automatic shutdown.

* Optional camera: Achieving visual reversing function
* Bluetooth optional.
* Using high-brightness 4.3-inch LCD screen, the whole size of the original car rearview mirror rather, special type of professional installation to meet the demand, and maintain original style, can be equipped with 30 vehicle models include:

       - Toyota Camry, Camry, high-handed, big overlord, Crown, Reiz, Buick Regal, GL8, Lu respect, Mondeo, Focus, FAW M6, Corolla, the new Odyssey;
       - Guangzhou Honda Accord, Hiromoto CITY, East of the Civic, Mitsubishi Galant, 05, paragraph Odyssey, Chery A5, 08, paragraph Luxury CITY;
       - Volkswagen Passat, Bora, Passat, Audi A4, A6, Jetta, Skoda, Santana, Brilliance Czech Republic, China Grandeur;
       - GM Excelle, Lok Chi, Lok wind
       - Nissan Sylphy, Tiida, Teana, Dongfeng Honda CRV;
       - Chevrolet Epica, Chery Eastar, Chery A1, Chery Q6;
       - Modern Sottana, Elantra
       - Guangzhou Honda Fit
       - Southeast Soveran, Lancer   

Product Specifications:

Size: 4.3 inches
Display: TFT-LCD
Resolution: 480 (H) × RGB × 272 (V)
Display format: 16:9
Power:  ≤ 2W
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Video Input: AV1 then VCD / DVD player (system default), AV2 connection reversing camera
Format: PAL / Auto / NTSC
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Contrast: 300:1