In-dash DVD Special for KIA New Sorento 7 Inch Digital Screen with Built-in Gps FM Steering Wheel Control


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Product Description

In-dash DVD Special for KIA New Sorento 7 Inch Digital Screen with Built-in Gps FM Steering Wheel Control

Main Features:

1,7.0 inch digita car dvd player(800*480)
2,high speed camera alert function Or connect reversing radar function
3,CDC: compatible for original 6 CDC or 10 CDC
4,steering wheel control
5,Bluetooth: BT-music,phonebook,call
7,TMC optional: Traffic Message Channel
8,Tire Pressure Monitoring System : compatible for those which with tire pressure monitoring function cars
9,SD card : store NAV software or multi-media new type SDHC card,biggest 32GB
10,offer USB-HOST1.1 Jack,can read U disc,card reader
11, Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, MPEG4, CD-R, WMA and JPEG playbacks
12, Built-in FM/AM Radio, RDS, movie,Time, calendar

Navigation Software equest
1, 5.0 CORE
2,Built in GPS:17 lanugages can be choose:English,German,French,SpanishDutch,Hungarian,Czech, Danish,Norwegian, Swedish,Portuguese,Italian,Finland,Roumania,Greek,Russian,Poland
3, GPS dual zone function
4, Navigation PCB:COM2,Baud Rate:9600bps,The path of storageing SD Cards map:Storagecard*.exe;The path of storageing NandFlashs map :NandFlash*.exe.
5, support map:Igo 8,Route66,Gate5,Papago

In order to perfect your car’s stereo effects, below accessories are be highly suggested:
1.2GB SD card which used to storage GPS map information.
2.TV antenna,in order to promote the TV clearly.
3.Monitor Reverse Radar,reverse car’s Radar can show by alarm.
4.Headrest monitor,it's useful for the back people to watch DVD,TV,FM,and so on.
5,Infrared Headphones: listen to music matching headrest DVD
6,Car GPS Tracker:GPS Tracker,which set multiple functions of accurately positioning,security, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety,special for vehicle.
7. Intelligently enter the system safely without key:
(1). Enter system without key—Called Sensing auto-switch key.
(2). ID identification system—with the system, your car can recognize the owner.
(3.) Intelligent Closing window system—after closing your car, system can close window automatically
(4). Theft deterrent system—Power,oil circuit,to set up one of them to lock-on.
(5.) Vibration alarm –It will be made alarm if there is any offence

This in-dash car dvd player is special for KIA New Sorento, built-in Gps Navigation with free map.