MB Star C4 SD Connect Compact 4 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool Support KL CAN BUS UDS


  • Model: 3050
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Product Description

MB SD Connect Compact 4 supports reading & erasing trouble code, reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. MB SD Connect Compact 4 supports wireless diagnose, support K-line, CAN BUS and UDS protocol, fits nearly all computers, multi-languages available.

Software optional:

HDD 320G(US$60) or 500G(US$75)
SSD 320G(US$95) or 500G(US$120)

mb star c4

Manufacturer Specifications

Mercedes Benz compact 4: SD connect
The new stable generation for Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment
For all current and new coming MB vehicles
Latest software version: 2018.12 Win7 system

Benz compact 4

The new generation for Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest stable one in the market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. It can read code, clear code, live date offer, computer programming for all benz car. The function is the same with the newest original benz diagnosis equiments Compact 4.

MB C4 SD Connect Compact 4

The difference of function between Compact 3 and Compact 4

  1. Compact 4 support wireless diagnosis
  2. Compact 4 support not only KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also UDS diagnostic treaty. Because the board of Compact 3 didn’t contain UDS treaty chip, the hardware will be eliminated directly.
  3. SD connect can do wireless diagnosis. Besides, it use Lan cable connection. So it can support more model computer.
  4. Interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million times plug, more stably.
  5. All of the core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure product stable release.
  6. Support multi-languages: English, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanuan, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Czech, German, Finish, Hyngarian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese

Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool C4

Hardware configuration:

  • SD conncet
  • OBD-II cable
  • 38 pin cable
  • 14 pin cable
  • 4 pin cable
  • Lan cable