Parking Sensor with 8 Reverse Back up Sensors LCD Monitor


  • Model: w272
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Product Description

1.Mini LCD Display with audio switch.                    
2.Front detection delay time: 8 seconds. 
3.Rear & Front system.                                 
4.Buzzer Type .                                 
5.Dual CPU, 8 sensors system.                
6.Obstacle orientation indication.             
7.Operation voltage rating:DC12V.         
8.Max Power: Pmax:<5W.                       
9.Operation temperature: -40¡æ~80¡æ. 
10.Display Distance:                                  Rear sensors: 0.3m~2.0m.                         Front sensors:0.3m~0.8m.                       
11.Alarm Distance:                                   Rear sensors: 0.3m~1.5m.                         Front sensors: 0.3m~0.8m.                       
12.Alarm Voice:>80dB.                          
13.One year warranty
14. You can choose different colors of sensor for your car. Black, Silver, Red, White, Grey