Wireless Car Parking Sensor with 6 Sensors Black and White Back lit


  • Model: 107w-6
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Product Description

Wireless Car Parking Sensor with 6 Sensors Black and White Back lit

Wireless connection between display & control box makes it an easy installation

Digital readout in black backlight LCD indicates the distance data of the obstacle

Car icon and digit showing in LCD display to indicate different distance and orientation of the obstacle.

3 Stages English Voice alert: Attention / Warning /Stop

Voice alert, Beep alert, Mute mode, System On / off, different models is selectable

Wireless Car Parking Sensor Can choose calendar and car inside temperature display

Suitable for 2/4/6/8 sensors. 6 or 8 sensors system, complete front and rear protection

LCD display can be circumrotated by 360 for optimal view of User

3 Installation choices (dashboard, windshield and A/C vent)

Wireless Car Parking Sensor Universal for all cars

Wireless Car Parking Sensor Tech Specifications:

²        Operating voltage: 10.8-15V

²        Supply voltage: plus 12V more or less than 12V (DC),24V is available

²        Power: 2W(max)

²        Showing the distance range: 0.3 ~2m

²        Alert range :0 ~1.5m

²        Ambient temperature: -40°C~ +80°C

²        Buzzer volume: ≈80db 

²        2, 4, 6, 8 sensors are available to satisfy full needs of customers