Wireless Parking Sensor with Rear View Mirror LED Display


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Product Description

Wireless Parking Sensor with Rear View Mirror LED  Display

LED Rear mirror display and wireless technology

Digital read out in LED to indicate different distance and orientation of the obstacle.

Mirror display clips on to car existing rear view mirror

Display can be viewed in rearview mirror

3 stages warning by different beeping frequency and 3 colors LED.

Type approved in conformity with European regulations on electromagnetic compatibility

Precise detection up to 0.01m

Distance can be detected in meters or feet

Rear mirror parking sensor wireless Universal for all cars

Tech Specifications:

²         Operating voltage: 10.8-15V

²         Supply voltage: plus 12V more or less than 12V (DC),24V is available

²         Power: 2W(max)

²         Showing the distance range: 0.3 ~2m

²         Alert range :0 ~1.5m

²         Ambient temperature: -40°C~ +80°C

²         Buzzer volume: ≈80db 

²         2, 4, 6, 8 sensors are available to satisfy full needs of customers